Federal Drug Administration Campus


The FDA Campus at Muirkirk Road consists of 17 discrete buildings with a campus wide networked EST-3 fire alarm system. The system was installed turnkey by LSSI personnel and includes thirty-one (31) system nodes, fiber networking and a graphical computer interface (FireWorks).

In 2011, GSA initiated a project to upgrade Mod 2A and the farm buildings system(s), installing new devices, new network cabling (utilizing fiber optic cable), and bringing the referenced buildings into compliance with current Code. To that end, drawings were engineered approved by both the facility and GSA Fire Protection.

LSSI provided “turnkey” installation for this project.

At the request of GSA, LSSI re-evaluated the site, the Scope and potential points within the project where additional monies may be saved. Having identified several key areas where funds could be saved, the project commenced. The project included the installation of nearly one hundred fifty thousand feet of fiber optic cabling, thirty-one EST-3 panels, a FireWorks graphic workstation and several thousand initiating devices, in addition to several thousand indicating appliances. The newly upgraded system provides for campus wide audio evacuation and annunciation with centralized operator control and off site reporting.

An aggressive schedule was maintained throughout the project, and the project was delivered on time, without additional significant change orders. Final testing was completed and no punch list items were found. LSSI received written commendation from the facility and GSA for our work.