Johns Hopkins Hospital


John Hopkins Hospital’s new Clinical Building is a 1,600,000 square foot facility that consists of 560 beds.   Life Safety Solutions Integrators (LSSI) installed an Ascom Telligence Nurse Call System with Nurse Call System Reporting integrated with owner furnished Globestar middleware and Ascom Wireless Telephones as well as Versus real-time location system for nurse call presence/staff locator and asset tracking functionality. In addition, LSSI provided a pilot nurse call/code blue and real-time location system for an existing 30-bed inpatient unit to assist with the development of the nurse call system configuration standards for the new clinical building. The pilot system was provided as a resource for identifying the nurse call system alarm naming conventions, alarm color and audible attributes, messaging escalation patterns, workflow models and to validate the integrations to Versus RTLS, Globestar middleware and Ascom Wireless Telephones.