Instructional Technology

Life Safety Solutions Integrators provides Design, Engineering and Installation for Schools Integrated Instructional Technology systems to include Interactive Smart Boards, Projectors, Wireless Tablets, Classroom Audio Enhancement systems and much more.

Instructional Technology solutions supported by best practices are reported to have a statistically significant, positive impact on student achievement, student engagement that led to decreased absenteeism, a rise in teacher effectiveness, an improvement in the overall student experience and the ability to test and implement new teaching models such as blended learning and technology-enabled student collaboration.

The impact of instructional technology and best practices can be seen in few areas:

-Instructional technology can significantly expand the breadth and depth of the curriculum. Breadth is expanded to the ability to access information external to the classroom, either through simple Internet access and search/curation activities or through the profound impact of individualized learning and adaptation to students’ specific learning styles.

-Instructional/collaboration technology can change the role of the school. Instruction can change from lecture to interaction to collaboration. Instruction can be teacher delivered, individual student driven or small group oriented.

-Instructional technology can remove barriers. Instruction may extend beyond the school building or the classroom. Remote learning and small group ad hoc or informal collaboration can also provide instructional value.

-Instructional technology can provide extremely powerful feedback loops.

Students can get immediate feedback and make corrections to their work.

Teachers can create learning experiences around individual student needs and can effectively manage and improve whole-class, small group and 1:1 learning experiences.