Public Address

In Roman times, the Coliseum was designed to allow spectators to hear the smallest sound from the amphitheater floor. Odds are, your facility isn’t designed this way, but you’d still like everyone inside to hear announcements, listen to music, call a central location or change classes at the right times. LSSI can design and install a Public Address system that can do all this and more.

The Dukane STARCall by Edwards has been an industry work horse for years, particularly in the educational environment and is synonymous with reliability and cost effective ownership. Designed for ease of operation, with integrated speakers and call-back switches, the system provides for administrative staff to make announcements into all, or selected, classrooms or areas, play music, access outside phone lines, manage multiple bell schedules and self-test for system failures. To learn more, click here:
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The CareHawk line of Public Address systems is the latest to be added to our product listing. CareHawk systems are networkable, expandable, and completely scalable to a facility’s needs. In addition to the features listed for the STARCall, the CareHawk allows for remote schedule management via web-based optimization software. Announcement tones are fully customizable to any .mp3 provided. To learn more about CareHawk, click here:
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