Asset & Staff Tracking

Versus Technology- Real Time Locating System (RTLS) 

Advantages for Healthcare

Versus gives your facility the power to locate patients, staff and equipment in real-time. The result: integrated systems, optimized staff workflow and improved patient care.

For nurse call applications, Versus badges are worn by caregivers with each badge programmed to a certain care level (e.g., RN, LPN, etc.). When the nurse enters a patient’s room, the correct nurse present light (for example, blue=RN, red=LPN) turns on, and the patient call light turns off. Upon exit, Versus automatically turns off the light indicating the caregiver is no longer present. Versus also keeps a log of all interactions between patients and staff members available through your Nurse Call software.
As a result, department managers can accurately and objectively:

  • Measure time spent with patients
  • Identify potential staffing bottlenecks
  • Assess response times to patient calls
  • Produce data to counter patient complaints on response times

Versus asset tracking applications offer more than typical equipment tracking. Through utilization reporting and par-level replenishment, Versus helps you optimize your inventory. Plus, when you choose Versus, you reap the benefits of 20+ years proven success in tracking healthcare assets. With our RTLS asset management system for hospitals and other healthcare facilities, you can:

  • Evaluate purchasing requests using accurate, unbiased data on how often existing equipment is used for patient care
  • Stop the hoarding and ensure equipment availability by setting par-levels for specific areas, and receive automatic notifications when levels drop below a specified level
  • Track preventative maintenance dates and highlight equipment out of maintenance to enhance equipment turnaround times
  • Designate equipment in recall status visually to all users, so even prior to being removed from a floor, clinicians know to avoid use
  • Allow both biomedical and clinical staff to view and search for equipment locations, drastically reducing manual search time

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