Status Solutions

Risk management is serious business.  LSSI provides a strategy and technology framework from Status Solutions that makes it easier and more holistic: situational awareness.

If you can read, hear, and see what’s happening around you, then you can do something about it.  With proper event histories/reports, you also can analyze your emergency response protocols and other compliance metrics to continuously improve life safety, security, environmental monitoring and mass notification.

The Situational Awareness and Response Assistant (SARA) is an automated alerting engine that integrates life safety, security and environmental monitoring systems with communication end points. What does that provide?

  • Integrated alarm management
  • Real-time, detailed alerts vs. inefficient alarms
  • Automatic notifications to key individuals, select groups or entire populations
  • Centralized, real-time and historical reports for trending, training and compliance
  • Use of existing systems, no need to “rip and replace”
  • Ease of administration with ongoing support and software updates.